Payment Setup
Setup Cayan:
PointOS Professional integrates with Cayan for credit card processing. Cayan is available FREE with nothing to install. To use Cayan you must setup a merchant account with them.

All tech support for Cayan is offered by them, and is included with you merchant account.

Credit Card Settings:
To integrate with Cayan you must set the correct options in credit card setup. You must provide the SiteID, SiteID, and Site Key. An additional setting is the credit card time out. If you are using a modem instead of a high speed connection you may want to set this higher then the 15 second default.

You can set the system up to automatically add a percent gratuity to all checks. To do this just set the percent and check the auto gratuity box.

To activate Cayan on your system check the Enable Cayan box. Then click the Save button to finish.

Credit Card Settings
Payments Accepted:
You can select which forms of payments that you will receive. In addition to the various credit card types, you can choose to take gift cards or personal checks.

Note: A Cayan account is required to accept credit cards or gift cards as payment.

Payments Accepted
Gift Card Security:
Use Gift Card Security Level to set the minimum security level needed to activate and issue a gift card to a customer.

The default level will be whatever security level is necessary to take orders.

To add a Gift Card to be sold it must be added as a menu item.
Menu Setup for more information.

Gift Card Security
Auto Gratuity:
You can add autogratuity to any and all checks by adding the percent gratuity and setting the number of guests.

This gratuity amount will be added to cash, personal check, gift card, and credit card sales.

Check the Add Auto Gratuity checkbox and then click Save to activate.

Auto Gratuity
Station Settings:
To enable credit cards on each station, click on station settings from the Manager Dashboard. Simply check enable credit cards checkbox and then click the Save button.

You can only enable a station’s credit cards, once credit cards have been enabled on the system from Credit Card Setup.

Station Settings
Batch Credit Cards:
You can set the system up to auto batch all credit card sales each day. This can also be setup in Cayan's online interface as well. The advantage to using PointOS’s auto batch is that you can set it to not batch with drawers that are open. The advantage to this is that once batched you will be unable to add or change gratuity added to a sale. So, if a server forgets to do their closeout, you will not lose their gratuity. Additionally, once batched you will lose all of your preauthorizations. Also, you may only have one computer perform a daily batch. Additionally, if you use PointOS’s auto batch, you will be able to see the daily batch result on your dashboard.

Note: If you are using preauthorizations on the credit cards, you must batch from PointOS. Preauthorizations do a $.01 sale, and if they are not closed they will be cleared when batching. You can also set the Do Not Batch Clear Pre-Auths box if you want to just clear the credit card pre-authorizations.

Credit cards can also be batched manually by clicking the Batch Now button in the Manager Dashboard.

Batch Credit Cards