Music Setup
Importing Music:
All music in the system comes from using Windows Media Player. PointOS works with either Windows Media Player 10 or 11. To add or delete songs you will use the Windows Media Player interface. You can have WMP automatically search for new music by choosing File – Add To Library. Once a song is in Windows Media Player, PointOS will automatically add all songs on startup or songs can be added manually by selecting Manager - Maintenance - Update All Music.

Any audio file Windows Media Player will play, can be also be played by PointOS.

Songs can either be ripped off compact discs that you own or downloaded legally from the Internet. Services that allow the purchase of songs such as Napster or Yahoo! Music can also be used. Most of these services allow you to download as many songs as you want for a set monthly fee. In addition to having a legal copy of this song, all locations are also responsible, as with any entertainment, of having the appropriate music licenses (ASCAP, BMI, etc.).

Note: Because Windows Media Player will not play songs downloaded from iTunes, PointOS will also not play songs from iTunes.

Import Music

Update Music
Music Setup:
From the music setup screen you have several options available. The first option Allow Other Stations To Request songs, allows other cash register stations to make song request that are sent to the music station. There can only be one music station. You also can set these songs to auto add or have the server at the music station be the D.J. for all music requests by checking the auto add box. These settings will only work, if there is an active music station. You can also choose how selected songs are added to a playlist, and if they are added in duplicate.

You can also set if new music is checked from Windows Media Player on startup or not.

When a song will not play, it is tagged as damaged by PointOS. This song is not deleted or changed by the system, but will not come up in searches or playlists. You can reset damaged items, by click the Reset All Damaged songs button. As you use your system PointOS will feature these damaged songs out of the system, so resetting is not recommended.

Music Setup
Creating Playlists:
To create a playlist, simply use Windows Media Player to create a new playlist. Then name your playlist anything you want and add a plus sign + to the beginning of the name. PointOS will recognize any playlists with a +. The PointOS playlist is required and should not be edited or changed.

Example Playlist Names: +Happy Hour Music, +Easy Listening, etc.

Create Playlists
Printing Song Lists:
To print a list of the songs that are currently in the system select Manager – Activities – View Song Lists. These can be printed and handed out to customers to have them select songs.

Print Song List
Hooking Up To Your Stereo:
You can hook PointOS’s music system up to your stereo in two ways. The first is to simply run a wire from the sound output of your computer to the input of your stereo. You can get these wires inexpensively at any electronics store. The second way is to use a music bridge. This is a hardware device that sends your music digitally to your stereo. There are several options to choose from, but a great one for the money is the
Linksys Music Bridge. This uses Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to send a digital music signal directly to your stereo. It is available online or at many electronics retailers.

Music Bridge