Inventory Control Setup
About Inventory Control:
The Inventory control system has 3 parts.

1. Start with an inventory item. These are the goods purchased (Bud, Absolut Vodka, etc.). These are setup in the Inventory menu under Inventory Item Setup. These items can be used as ingredients in multiple menu items so are treated separate from menu items. For example, you may only have one Vodka menu item, but vodka is an ingredient in many other items that may also be menu items like Long Island Ice Tea.

2. Second, a menu item is setup. This is the actual item that rung in on the register. This is located in Inventory Menu - Menu Setup.

3. And finally, these are linked by setting up a recipe for that menu item. This can be found in Inventory Menu - Item Recipes.

Once these are setup for a menu item, as sold they will automatically debit from the total amount on-hand. This will give a cost of goods or liquor cost, will create an inventory count, and even print order lists.

Inventory Group Setup:
The inventory item setup begins with selecting or creating an inventory group. To create an inventory group, type a unique name into the Inventory Group Name box and click the Create Inventory group button. This group will appear on the left side box. To rename a group select a group from the left box, type a new unique name into the Inventory Group Name box and click the Rename Group button.

Once a group has been created, you can edit an inventory item in that group by clicking on the group name on the left then clicking the Open Group button. Then click on the Edit Inventory Item button. You can also create a new inventory item by clicking the New Inventory Item button.

Inventory Setup
Inventory Item Settings:
In the change inventory item screen, you can create or change the settings for an inventory item. To do this you will need to create a unique name, and select a group, item type, and vendor from the drop down list. Item types are either bottles, cans, liquor, beer, keg beer, or wine. Once selected, this will change the inventory specifics area in the center of the screen.

In the inventory specifics area, you must enter all fields related to cost, amount per case, and volume. Certain costs are calculated based on this information. Updating your starting inventory is optional here. Once done click on the Save button.

Par amount is the minimum amount of an item you would like to have on hand. Setting this amount will allow the system to make recommendation on how much of an item you should purchase.

Optionally, to quickly enter your inventory counts, you can add the UPC bar code to an inventory item. Just click the 'Add UPC Bar Code' Button, and scan the inventory items UPC Code located on it's packaging. A bar code scanner is required.

Inventory Item Options
Vendor Setup:
To setup a new vendor, go to the Manager – Inventory – and select Vendor Setup. Once on the Vendor Setup screen, click the New Vendor Button from the left panel. You can also edit an existing vendor by choosing the vendor name in the left box, and clicking open vendor. This will take you to the Vendor Information area.

You can set any or all information fields, however the Vendor Name is required. These other fields are used for your reference when ordering new product from a vendor. Once this form is completed click the Save button.

Vendor Setup
Vendor Options
Menu Item Recipe Setup:
When you enter the Menu Item Recipe Setup you will see a list of all menu items on the left box. You can also use the search functionality on the right hand side to find a existing menu item. By default, hidden menu items will not show up on the list. To show these check the show hidden menu items box on the right.

You can set recipe standards by clicking the Set Recipe Standards button on the right side. This will allow you to speed up your recipe creation by setting default sizes for shots and draught cup sizes. Enter the amounts in the boxes and click the Save Recipe Standards button when completed.

To edit a menu item’s recipe, simply click on the menu item name in the box on the left and click the Open Item button. This will open the item recipe information panel. Here you can add up to five ingredients that make up a menu item. You can also add mixing directions that will be printed along with the recipe from the Order Entry screen.

As you add ingredients, the system will automatically figure out the cost per drink. Click the Save Item Recipe button when done.

Recipe Setup
Item Recipes
Modifier Recipe Setup:
To setup or change a recipe for a modifier, go to Manager – Inventory – and select Modifier Recipe Setup from the list. Here you will find a list of modifier groups on the left box. Select a modifier group and click the Open Group button to list modifiers in that group. Then select a modifier and click the Open Modifier button to set the modifier settings.

This will bring up the modifier options screen. Here you can choose several options on how this modifier will affect inventory. You can change the menu item by increasing or decreasing the volume such as in a tall or half drink. You can change the menu item by having it decrease or increase an item by a percent. Finally you can select to add another ingredient to a menu item. Once completed, click the Save Modifier recipe button.

Modifier Recipe Setup
Modifier Recipes
Menu Item List:
You can view a list of all menu items currently in the system. This report will also show you the item category, minimum age requirement, cost, and if the item has a recipe setup.

Menu Item List