Modifier Setup
Modifier Groups Setup:
Modifier groups are a collection of modifiers that can be applied to a single menu item or multiple menu items. To create a new modifier group, click the Create New Modifier Group button. A modifier group can be named anything, but this name must be unique. This group can also be renamed by clicking on a modifier group on the left, typing a new name on the right, and clicking the Rename Modifier Group button. Modifier groups can also be deleted by clicking the Delete Modifier Group burron.

To create a new modifier, click on the modifier group on the left and click on any box in the center of the screen. Each group can have a maximum of 11 modifiers. A server typed Custom Modifier will automatically appear in all modifier groups in the Order Entry Screen.

To edit an existing modifier, click on the modifier group on the left then click on the modifier button that you wish to edit.

Modifier groups are not seen by the customer so the name doesn’t matter. Also, unlike the Menu Items screen order doesn’t matter, as all modifiers will show up in the Order Entry screen in alphabetical order.

Modifier Setup
Modifier Options:
To quickly add a modifier you can choose a similar modifier from the Same Price As drop down menu. When naming a modifier, use something descriptive. It will be seen by both servers and customers.

This modifier can have a positive, negative or no price associated with it. A negative price is a discount. This is good if you want to have half an item or have a quick discount that will only apply to that one item and not the entire check. A modifier can also have no price, which would be used for service or kitchen staff to prepare the item. Click the Save button when the modifier has been created or edited.

Modifiers can also have recipes, which will effect inventory. This is setup in Inventory - Modifier Recipes area.

Modifier Options