Menu Setup
Categories Setup:
To create a new category, click the Create New Category button. Categories can be named anything, but must be unique. Once created, categories can be moved into the desired order by using the Move Category Up or Down buttons. Categories can also be renamed by selectingan existing category on the left and typing a new name into the box on the right, and clicking the Rename Category button.

Menu Setup
Adding Menu Items:
To create a new menu item, start by clicking on a category on the left. This will bring up the menu view. Click on a blank button where you want the new menu item to go. Once a menu item position is clicked, you will have several options. You can create a new menu item, choose a hidden item, or create a shortcut.

To create a new menu item, simply click Add New Item.

You can select a item that has been hidden in the Menu Item Options screen. This item will become visible and show up at that buttons position.

Finally, you have the option to create a short cut. This is used when you want a menu item to appear in more then one category. You may want to put your most used items into the first category and call it something like Fast Items. If you do this, and now want that item in another category you can simply create a shortcut. This is easier then recreating the item.

Add Menu Item
Selecting Item Type:
You can create 3 different types of items from the Menu Setup screen. These include menu items, gift cards, and course separators.

Item Type
Adding Gift Cards:
To sell a gift card, you must add it as a menu item. To do this, select Gift Card from the item type drop down on the Menu Setup screen. From here you can add the price of the gift card, and select a graphic or button color.

Gift cards will be added to the menu to be sold, and must be acquired through Cayan. A Cayan account is required for using gift cards.

Gift Cards
Adding Course Separators:
To separate courses or seats at a table for kitchen printing, you can use Course Separators. These are added like a menu item, however they have no price associated with them and do not appear on the customer's check.

These are only seen in kitchen prints and are a valuable tool in separating off parts of the meal like appetizers, entree, and desserts.

Course Separators
Moving Menu Items:
To move a menu item, just click on the menu item you want to move. In the Menu Items Options screen, click the Hide Item button. Then click Save, which will bring you back to the Categories screen. Here you can click on the new spot you want the item, and choose that hidden item from the drop down list.

Menu Item Options:
Once you have either chosen to create a new item or edit an existing one, you will be on the Menu Item Options screen. In this screen, you can save time by choosing a similar item to the one you are adding, by choosing an item from the Same Features As drop down. This will automatically fill in many required fields.

An item can have a minimum age associated with it. By choosing a minimum age, this item will only show up for customers who have met that age requirement.

Sales tax for an item is chosen from the list. These taxes are setup in the Taxes Setup screen. These can be setup as add on tax or can be included in the items sold.

You can select a Modifier group from the drop down list. This is an existing group of modifiers that you can use with similar items. Modifier groups are setup in the Modifier Setup screen.

Choosing an additional printer allows an ordered item to be printed to another printer. This is useful when a food item is printed to the kitchen or you are using a service bar. Additional printers are setup in the Stations Settings area off the Manager Dashboard.

You can setup a menu items recipe by clicking the Create Recipe button. This will allow you to set the ingredients in a menu item. The ingredients must already be setup in the Inventory Item setup. This is required if using the system inventory control system. Recipes can also be setup from the Inventory - Item Recipes menu. Once created an item recipe can be printed by a server from the Order Entry screen.

You can set multiple prices for an item. These prices can be set for a customer in the Order Entry Screen or can be applied to a Customer Profile. Employee pricing can only be set from the Employee Setup area.

You can also set pricing to be defined by the server or wait staff by checking the User Enters Item Price check box. This will turn all price areas into minimum prices which the item can be sold.

Auto prices can be used when setting a Special price for an item at a specific time and day. However, if many items are on special it is recommended that you use the Happy Hour setup. To set an auto price, just click on the day of the week and set the start and stop time for that special price. Then check the box for that day to activate it.

Optionally, you can add a product's UPC code from its packaging to a menu item. To do this, just click the 'Add UPC Bar Code' button located in the lower left corner of the menu item options screen. Once a UPC bar code is added to a menu item, you can scan that item from the order entry screen to add it to a customer's order list. A bar code scanner is required.

Menu Item Options
When finished editing or creating a new item, simply click the Save Button.

Existing menu items cannot be deleted, they can only be hidden.