Inventory Reports
Current Inventory Report:
Current inventory report will give you a real time count of what inventory items you should have on hand in your location. This count will not include any information that has not been recorded into the system including spills, breakage, and theft.

Current Inventory
Item Purchase Report:
The item purchase report will give you a recommendation of what should be ordered to keep your bar, club, or restaurant up to date on inventory. These recommendations come from Par that is setup in the inventory item setup. When an inventory item falls below par, the system will recommend purchasing more of that item.

Inventory Setup for information about setting up a Par amount for an inventory item.

Item Purchase Report
Item Cost/Price Report:
This report will give you the cost to you of purchasing and making a menu item, and then give you the different prices you are charging for that item. It is a useful tool that will allow you to change your pricing to reflect the amount of profit you would like to make on a given item.

Item Cost/Price
Cost Of Goods Report:
Cost of goods report is a total that compares the amount you have spent to purchase and make an item versus the amount you have sold the item for. This will allow you to establish your liquor cost. The report can be run for various time periods, allowing you to compare different liquor costs with different dates, servers, and items sold.

Cost Of Goods