Employee Setup
Employee Select Screen:
From the employee select screen you can choose to edit an existing employee or add a new employee.

By default, only active employees are shown. To show inactive employees click the show inactive employee check box. Employees can also be selected by name from the drop box.To edit an employee, just click their name.

Select Employee
Employee Options:
On the change employee options screen you can setup or edit new employees. The employee hourly wage will show up in the payroll reports.Also, their email address can be used to email them from the Message Center if enable employee email is set in the email setup panel.

Required areas include the Security Level and Access Code. The security level will prevent or allow them from entering certain areas as defined in the Security Setup Options. The access code is a four digit number, usually the last four digits of their social security number. This number will be automatically emailed to them if their email address is set and they an SMTP server has been setup in the Email Setup. This number must be unique for use on the system.

The employee color will surround all of their tabs on the Open Tabs screen. This will allow them to quickly find their orders.

Employee Setup
Employee Color
Employee Pricing:
Employee prices can be set in the Menu Items setup. Use the drop down to select the employee in the customer name list. The employee must first be added as a New Customer in the Begin New Tab screen on the front end. Once selected, the employee will get employee pricing on all items ordered when they are chosen from the Begin New Tab Screen.

After creating a new employee or editing an employee click Save.

Terminated employees can be deactivated, but can not be deleted.

Employee Schedule:
The employee schedule is a useful tool to let employees know when they will be working. The schedule is for week blocks of time, and can be viewed from the Time Clock area of the front end by employees.

To add an employee to a certain day, start by selecting the Time In, Time Out, and the employees name from the drop down menus at the bottom of the page. Then click add on the days of the week you want that employee to work. If you want to remove a name, simply click on it in the day box.

For quick scheduling, you can either copy the previous week or copy this weeks schedule to the next week. To do this use the Copy Previous Week and Copy To Next Week buttons at the bottom of the page. You can view other weeks using the Back One Week and Forward One Week buttons at the top corners of the page.

You can email the employee schedule to all employees that have email addresses in their profile. To do this just click the Email Schedule To All Employees button. To do this you must have email set up on your system.

Email Setup for more information about setting up email.

Click the Save button when finished.

Employee Schedule