System Reports
Using Reports:
All reports work in a similar way overall. Reports that are for a specific time period have a Start Date and End Date. If a start date or end date falls in the middle of a report period, you will get the entire report period. For example, if you ask for a Monthly report but only set the start date halfway through a month, you will get the entire month. Reports also begin and end at the day start time set in Main Settings.

See Getting Started for more information about setting the day start time.

Many reports have extra detail that you may want to see. To get more detail on these reports, check the Show Report Detail box. When you are ready to see the report, click Generate Report button.

Note: To export or email a report in Excel format, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on that computer.

Reports can be printed, exported, or emailed. To print a report, click the Print Report button. To view a report to Excel format, click the Export Report To Excel button. This will bring up a Microsoft Excel worksheet with your data in it. Finally, reports can be sent to you by email. To do this, click the Email Report As Attachment button. Reports will be emailed as an attachment in Excel format. To use this feature you must first have set up email on your system.

See Email Setup for more information about emailing reports.

Some reports are very database intensive and may take 1 to 10 minutes to run. Please be patient.

Current Inventory:
Current inventory gives you a report of what goods you currently have on hand to sell. This is depleted when using Inventory Control.

Inventory Control for more information.

Inventory Change:
Inventory change will show you all changes made to inventory from the Manager area. This will allow you to see who has edited the current inventory and by how much.

Inventory Control for more information.

Item Purchase Report:
The item purchase report gives you a list of goods that you should purchase broken down by vendors. Recommendations for these purchases come from the par amount set up in Inventory Setup.

Inventory Setup for more information on setting up par amount.

Item Cost/Price:
The item cost/price report will give you a list of all of the menu items you have available for sale, and show you the different prices you are charging for those items.

Gift Cards Issued:

The Gift Card issued report, will show you a list of all gift cards sold during a time period. It will also allow you to see your outstanding gift card liablity.

Items By Server Ring:

The items by server ring report will show you all of the items a server has rung in on any terminal. This will include both open and closed sales, and also include sales rung in on all registers.

Today’s Conditions:

The today’s conditions report will show you what your servers have entered each start of the day on weather, entertainment, and other information. This is useful when evaluating sales on a day to see why they may have been higher or lower then usual.

Incident Reports:

When an accident or medical issue has occurred at your location, employees can file incident reports. These reports will let you know in detail what has happened. Additionally, they will document the issue in case you ever need to recall that event in the future.

Closing Reports:

Closing reports are filled out when an employee does their cashier out. This report will let the manager know if there was anything broken or if an item has run out of stock.

Employee Hours:

Employee hours is the time cards of your employees, who have clocked in or out of the system.

This is the report you will want to use when doing payroll.

Cashier In/Out:

The cashier in/out report will give you detail about when servers started and ended their cash drawers. This report will show you if their drawer was off, and how much a server might owe.

Cash Out:

The Cash Out report gives you detail on everything that was calculated on a drawer or server cash out. Much of this information appears on the cashier out print out.

Drawer Reverts:

If a server mistakenly closes out a cash drawer, it can be reopened. This report will show you if this has happened and why.

No Sales:

The no sales report shows you when the cash drawer was popped at the times when no sale transaction was made. This occurs most frequently when a server is making change, but could indicate some sort of fraud. The report also will show you who popped the drawer and at what time.

Access Denied:

The access denied report will give you a list of all unsuccessful attempts to try and access a secure area. This is a good report to run to see if a someone is trying to get into an area that they are not authorized to access.

Pay Outs:

The pay outs report shows who was paid out of the cash drawer and how much. Pay outs are a good way of tracking cash payments to entertainment, employees, or vendors. These pay outs are also reflected in the cashier out reports.

Pay Outs By Category:

Like the pay out report, you can see who was paid cash out of an open drawer. However, you will receive additional detail about these transactions broken down into categories.

Item Voids:

The item void report shows you what items were removed from a sales check and why.

Order Voids:

The order voids report shows what customer orders were voided and why. Only open orders can be voided by a server.

Item Discounts:

The item discount report shows what menu items were sold at a reduced price and why. However, this report will not reflect any negative dollar amount modifiers.

Order Discounts:

The order discounts report shows what orders total amount owed was reduced and why. However, this report will not show sales reduced by special pricing set for employees and good customers.

Credit Batches:

If you are using PointOS to batch your credit cards, you can view a report of the credit card batches with amounts and the result.

Credit Card Setup for more information setting up batches.

Customers Report:
Customer reports shows all of the customers who have been added to the system during the date range you select. It will also show how much these customers have spent and how often they visited.

Active Customer Report:

Customer mailing list will give you a list of your customers physical mailing addresses. This is useful if you are going to do a promotional mailing to your customers. This report can be exported to excel, and labels can be printed from there.

Click here for information from Avery about printing labels from Excel.

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