Manage Customers
Customer Activities:
Customer activates lets you add and edit customer’ profiles. On the left side you have a list of all customers in the system. On the left you have search options. You can search by first name or last name by typing the name into the box, or using the quick starting letters. You can also add a new customer by clicking the Add New Customer button. To edit an existing customer, just click on their name on the left side of the screen.

Customer Activities
Add A New Customer:
A customer can be added in several different ways. From the manager area go to Customer Activities and click the Add New Customer button. Here you can fill in all the information you have about a customer. Alternatively, your server can add a customer from the Name Tab screen on the front end. Just click the New Customer button. If you have a scanner, you will be prompted to scan their driver’s license. After the scan you have the option to add a customer’s email address by clicking the Add Customer Email button.

If you do not have a scanner you can manually enter a customer’s information here. You can update the email address from the front end by going to the customer profile in the Name Tab screen.

Add Customer
Change Customer Options:
In the change customer options screen you can add or update information about a customer. To add basic information like name, address, email, and phone number just type them in the box and press the Save button. To ban a customer, check the Customer Is Banned box and type a reason for your server’s to see. You can subscribe or unsubscribe a customer by checking the Subscribed To Newsletter box. You can also set a customer’s price level or add notes. Click the save button when done.

Customer Options
Entertainment Schedule:
Entertainment schedule is used to create a calendar of events. This calendar can be seen from the Time Clock area on the front end, and can be printed for a customer from any station. Additionally, this calendar can be chosen from a list in the calendar section of the Customer Newsletter area. This will automatically add the chosen week’s events to the newsletter.

To create a schedule, start by choosing or typing an entertainment category from the drop down list. Then type the name of your entertainment, the start time, and end time. You can add a message or show the agreed upon amount to a manager when they do a payout, by filling in the Pay Out Message box and Pay Out Amount. Click the Update/Add Entertainment Info button when done.

Maintain Pay Outs for more information.

Once you have a payee in the Add To Schedule area, click the add button on one of the day boxes to add it. To speed this process up, you can copy an entire week to the next week, or have last week’s schedule become this weeks. Just click the Copy Previous Week or Copy To Next Week button. Click the Save button to Save this schedule.

Unsubscribe Customers:
Use unsubscribe newsletter customers to add or remove customers from your newsletter list. To change the status of a customer, click their name on the left side or select multiple customers by holding the Shift button while clicking. Then click the Unsubscribe Selected or Subscribe Selected buttons at the bottom of the screen.

You can search customer records by typing a first name or last name into the Search Customers box and clicking the Filter Customer Search button. You can also show only subscribed or unsubscribed customers by picking from the drop down and clicking the Filter Customers Search button.

Send Newsletter:
Using the send newsletter feature of PointOS is an easy way to increase your sales, by staying in touch with your customers. Let them know your entertainment schedule, news, specials, or other information.

To use send newsletter, start by setting up your SMTP address in Email Setup. Once this is done, you can start by setting up your main options. Click the Main Options button, to begin. You can change your company name and address, if you wish it to appear differently on your newsletter then your system. You may add a tagline to your email. This will appear at the bottom of the newsletter. It can be a slogan or anything else you wish. If you want to have a different return address for unsubscribes and comments then your system has, you can fill those into the email information boxes. These address will be seen by your customers, so you may want not be where your auto-reports are sent.

Email Setup for more information.

Optionally, you can add a link to your website, if you have one and a link to a map that shows where you are located. To get a map address, you can use a map service like Google or Yahoo Maps. Just find your location, and copy the link in the address bar. You can also add your logo to the newsletter. To do this, choose a .jpg or .jpeg file that is 140x90 pixels in size. Click the Upload Logo button to find it on your system.

Next, you can choose a look for your newsletter using the body and font colors features. To do this, click the Body Colors or Font Colors buttons on the left side of the screen. Choose your colors from the drop down list. You will see a preview of your color scheme in the preview area.

Click the Save Options button at the bottom of the screen, when done to save your options. These will automatically be loaded each time you enter the newsletter area. To reset them back to the last saved state click the Reset Defaults button. You can preview your newsletter at anytime by clicking the Preview Newsletter button on the right side of the screen.

To add a calendar to your newsletter, click the Calendar button on the right side of the screen. Here you can either manually add events each day by typing them in the day boxes or you can add a saved entertainment calendar by choosing it from the drop down list and clicking the Update Newsletter Calendar button.

To add content to the center part of the newsletter, click the Main Body button. Here you can add up to 4 areas of content. The headers for the content areas are customizable, so make them anything you wish. Then type the content in the box below the header. You can use html in these boxes to add graphics or links. Any graphics added here must be somewhere online, and will not be embedded into the newsletter the way the logo will be.

Calendar and Main Body content cannot be saved using the Save Options button.

To send your newsletter, start by clicking on the Recipient List button at the lower left corner. Here you can add or remove customers from your mailing list. Just click on their name or multiple names by holding the Shift button, and the click the Add Selected button. You can add all customers by clicking the Add All button. You can also manually add recipients by typing their Full Name and email address into the Add New Recipient box and clicking the add email button. Customers who have been unsubscribed will not show up in this list.

Finally, you can send your email by clicking the Send Newsletter Now button at the bottom of the screen.

Send Newsletter