Maintain Pay Outs
About Pay Outs:
Pay outs are the systems way of keeping track of the amount of money you should have on hand after you have paid someone cash. Pay outs can be done from a cash drawer by a server or manager or by a manager from the backend. The maintain pay outs screen allows you to manage, void, and create new pay outs. It also allows you to set up information about a future pay out.

Manage Pay Outs
Voiding A Pay Out:
To void a pay out, select a pay out from the list. This will bring up information about a pay out on the bottom of the screen. You can fill in a description of why the pay out is begin voided and check the Pay Out Voided box. Then click the Save Pay Out button to complete the void.

Pay Out Categories:
Pay outs can be put into several different categories for the purpose of reporting and accounting. To create a pay out category, just type the pay out category name in the box on the left side of the screen and click the new button. You can also rename or delete a pay out category. These categories will show up on the front end pay out screen.

When a pay out is for an entertainment purpose, check the Entertainment Category box when it is created. This will make this entertainment pay out show up in the entertainment calendar creator for quick creation of your weekly calendar.

Pay Out Categories
Setting Up A Payout:
To setup a pay out for future use, you can fill in the pay out to field, category, and the comment for future pay outs box. When you do this and a pay out is made on the front end, your comment will show up. This can tell your manager how much is supposed to be paid or other payment instructions.

Payout Setup
Delete Payout:
Unlike voiding a payout in the Manage Pay Outs screen, deleting a pay out from the manager’s dashboard only allows you to delete a pay out on that same station from an open drawer. This will remove the pay out, and when the server does their cashier out they will not have that pay out deducted from their expected cash on hand.

Payout Setup