Using The Scanner
About The Scanner:
PointOS integrates fully with a driver’s license scanner from ScanShell. When an id is scanned you will be able to verify that the id is valid. The System will also store a copy of a customer’s license and a thumbnail photo. Once the birth date of the customer is established the Order Entry screen will only show age appropriate items for that customer.

Permission to store the customer’s information may be required, check laws in your local area to ensure that this action is lawful.

Compatible Hardware:
ScanShell 800 (discontinued) - This uses a feed type scanner to acquire information off of a driver’s license. It is a lower cost alternative.

It will take about 3 seconds to scan an id. he time for the OCR depends on the speed of your computer.

ScanShell 800

Snapshell SnapShell – This will take a quick digital picture of a customer’s driver’s license. This is more expensive than the 800, but it is much faster and does not require cleaning or calibration.

It will take less then 1 second to scan an id. The time for the OCR depends on the speed of your computer.

ScanShell SnapShell
Setting Up The Scanner:
Before you plug in the scanner, please install the software first

To install the scanner software, use the PointOS installer and select the Custom Install option. From here select Scanner Software, and then run the installer.

Once completed installation is completed, you can plug in your scanner using the supplied USB cable. Then, follow the Windows instuctions for Automatic Install of a system device.

If you have an 800 scanner, you can calibrate your scanner from Manager – Maintenance – Calibrate Scanner. All 800 scanners must be calibrated. Use the calibration paper that came with your scanner.

If you lost this paper, a new one can be printed directly from the manufactures website. Click here to download the calibration paper from the
ScanShell Website.

Once completed, launch PointOS and go to Manager - Station Settings. From here check off the box that says ID Scanner Connected, and restart PointOS.

Note: Do not use any USB extension cables when connecting the scanner, as this may result in the scanner not working properly.
Install Scanner
Scanner Connected
Cleaning The Scanner:
If scans are not working properly, your scanner may need to be cleaned. If you have the 800, this can be done using the cleaning sheet that came with your scanner, and going to Manager – Maintenance – Clean Scanner.

If you have the SnapShell, simply use a dry cloth and gently clean the glass.

Calibrating The Scanner (800 Only):
New installation of a 800 scanner requires that the scanner be calibrated. This can be done using the calibration sheet that came with your scanner, and going to Manager – Maintenance – Calibrate Scanner.

Under normal circumstances, calibration only needs to be done once.