Inventory Control
Updating Inventory:
When updating multiple inventory items, you should use the inventory count feature. This is located in Manager – Inventory – Inventory Count. This will allow you to update your physical inventory count by either adding full cases or individual inventory items that you have purchased.

Using this feature requires a keyboard.

Inventory Count
Adding/Subtracting Inventory:
Use receive physical inventory from the Manager Dashboard when adding or subtracting small amount of inventory items. This gives you quick access for changing inventory. Unlike the Inventory Count feature, this is designed to be used from a touch screen, so no keyboard is necessary. This allows managers to quickly change inventory from any station on the floor.

Recieve Inventory
Item Count Sheet:
Item count sheet will give you a list of all inventory items. You can use this to print and carry around your location to update inventory to be entered later. This can be exported to various types of files.

Item Count Sheet
Item Purchase Report:
The item purchase report will give you a recommendation of what should be ordered to keep your bar, club, or restaurant up to date on inventory. These recommendations come from Par amount that is setup in the inventory item setup. When an inventory item falls below par, the system will recommend purchasing more of that item.

Inventory Setup for information about setting up a Par amount for an inventory item.

See Inventory Reports for more information on this report.

Purchase Report