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About Activities:
The activities area gives you access to many of the functions that you will use to schedule and manage your bar, club, or restaurant. You can create schedules for employees and entertainment.

Activities Menu
Batch Credit Cards:
You can set the system up to auto batch all credit card sales each day. This can also be setup in PCCharge as well. If you choose to have PCCharge batch credit cards you will not have any data on credit card batches in BarOS.

Credit Card Setup for more information.

Batch Credit Cards
Credit Card Refund:
This area allows you to issue a refund to a customer's credit card. The refund won't be available until you batch your credit cards.

This option is only available if you have credit cards enabled on your system.

Manager Dashboard for more information.

CC Refund
Go To Cayan:
Use this to log into Cayan's online reporting. You will need your online username and password to get access.

This is only available if you have credit cards enabled on your system.

Credit Card Setup for more information.

Customer Activities:
In customer activities you can edit customer profiles or search for customers. You can edit notes, addresses, unban/ban them, and add their email addresses. You can set special pricing for employees or good customers. You can also view their driver’s license, if it has been scanned.

Customer Activities
Adjust Time Card:
You can adjust, correct, or delete an employee’s time card. To do this just click on the employee name and clock in time on the left, and edit in the center. You can change the clock in time and the clock out time. Click the Modify Time Card button to save when done.

Adjust Time Card
View Schedule Requests:
If an employee wants to change their schedule they can make a schedule request from the Time Clock area. You use this area to view these requests. Once read, you have the option to accept or deny a schedule request. The response will be emailed back to the employee through the system.

Schedule Requests
Employee Schedule:
You can set up an employee weekly schedule. To speed things up, you can also copy a previous week. These schedules can be viewed from the Time Clock area of the front end by employees.

Employee Setup for more information.

Employee Schedule
Entertainment Schedule:
You can set up a weekly entertainment schedule. For speed, you can copy a previous week. These schedules can be viewed from the Time Card area, and can be printed from this area and given to customers.

Maintain Pay Outs for more information.

Entertainment Schedule
Manage Pay Outs:
You can change or delete a pay out made in the system. Unlike the Delete Pay Out area off of the Manager Dashboard, you can edit pay outs from any drawer even if it has been closed.

Maintain Pay Outs for more information.

Manage Pay Outs
Customer Mail List:
View a mailing list of all customers in your database. This list can be exported in several formats to make viewing easier or creating mailing address labels.

Click here for information from Avery about printing labels from Excel.

Mailing List
View Song List:
View song list allows you to see and print a song list for customers to choose songs. This list can be exported in several formats to make viewing easier.

Music Setup for more information.

View Song List
Unsubscribe Customer:
Use this tool to remove or add back customers to the newsletter distribution list. Just click on their name or click multiple names by holding the shift key, and click the unsubscribe button. You can search for a customer using the right side, just type their first name or last name and press the Filter Customer Search button.

Manage Customers for more information.

Send Newsletter:
You can send a html newsletter to all customers that you have their email address. These addresses are easily added with the New Customer button on the front end of the POS. You can change colors of areas and fonts, add a premade entertainment calendar, and add content to the center part of the newsletter.

Manage Customers for more information.

Send Newsletter
PointOS To QuickBooks:
You can send sales and payment data directly to QuickBooks, quickly and easily. To get started launch QuickBooks with your company file loaded. Then click the Connect To QuickBooks button. You will then be prompted in QuickBooks to allow a connection from PointOS Professional. Just accept this security prompt and you are ready to go.

To send data to QuickBooks, just check off the areas of information that you would like to send. PointOS will automatically setup all of your accounts, and put the transactions in the proper areas.

Notes: PointOS does not send inventory information to QuickBooks and is work directly with QuickBooks Payroll service.
PointOS To QuickBooks is not compatible with QuickBooks POS, but works will all other version of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Pro.