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About The Inventory Menu:
The inventory menu allows you to setup menu items, inventory items, and link those by recipes. This area will setup your Order Entry Menu with menu items and modifiers, and will also allow you to control costs by keeping track of what you sell.

Inventory Menu
Menu Setup:
Use the menu setup to make your Order Entry screen. You can set prices, modifiers, and other menu item settings here.

Menu Setup for more information.

Menu Setup
Modifier Setup:
Create modifier groups that link to menu items. These modifiers can change prices and inventory depletion amounts for items in your menu.

Modifier Setup for more information.

Modifier Setup
Inventory Item Setup:
These are the goods that you purchase for sale. Set them up and link them as ingredients in the menu items you sell. Once set up you can print order sheets, get cost of goods, and track your inventory.

Inventory Setup for more information.

Inventory Item Setup
Vendor Setup:
You can keep track of the people you buy from in vendor setup. Once set up, you can print order sheets by vendor.

Inventory Setup for more information.

Vendor Setup
Item Recipes:
Item recipes allows you to set up the ingredients that go into a menu item. This will allow these ingredients to be deducted from inventory when an item is sold.

Inventory Setup for more information.

Item Recipes
Modifier Recipes:
Modifier recipes allows you to change a menu item either by volume, percent, or add a new ingredient. This will allow you to keep a perfect inventory.

Inventory Setup for more information.

Modifier Recipes
Menu Item List:
You can view a list of all menu items currently in the system. This report will also show you the item category, minimum age requirement, cost, and if the item has a recipe setup.

Menu Item List
Inventory Count:
Sort your inventory items by vendor, and enter in the physical counts of items. You can print a inventory report, then update this area with what you actually have on hand. This allows you to figure out your inventory shrinkage.

Inventory Count
Print Count Sheet:
Count sheets are blank worksheets that include all inventory items. This is useful for doing a physical inventory count of your location.

These sheets can be exported to html, pdf, or rich text format (Word).

Count Sheets