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About The Setup Menu:
The setup menu gives you all the tools you need to make BarOS fit to your bar, club, or restaurants needs. There are many features that can be change the way your POS looks, feels, and performs.

Setup Menu
Main Setup:
Allows you to set all the most important information for your location. Company name, address, phone number and other information can appear on your customer’s checks. Also change the main menu graphic and background colors for the front end.

Getting Started for more information.

Main Setup
Database Setup:
Contains tools that allow you to keep your database running quickly and efficiently. Also allows you to create backups of your data. It is recommended that you use a different computer or removable media for your backups.

You should compact and backup your data at least weekly.

Maintain Database for more information.

Database Setup
Security Setup:
You can control how your employees can access different areas of BarOS. Set each security area to your desired minimum security level. You can also restore all settings back to there defaults.

Security Setup
Email Setup:
You can set the system to automatically email sale reports either daily, weekly, or monthly. All reports are in Excel format. Additionally, you can allow employees to email each other through the system.

Email Setup for more information.

Email Setup
Employee Setup:
Employee setup allows you to add or remove employees from the system. You can also set access codes, and pick employee colors which are used on the Open Tabs screen. If email is setup, employee access codes will be automatically emailed to the employee.

Employee Setup for more information.

Employee Setup
Payroll Setup:
Payroll setup allows you to create multiple job descriptions and pay rates for an employee when they clock in. To do this type a Salary Name and Hourly Rate and click Add New Salary. Once you have created your Salaries check the box marked Prompt Employees For Salary At Clock In and press the Save Settings button. Then in each employee, from Employee Setup, you can set it to prompt for the Salary by checking the Prompt For Salary checkbox.

Additionally, you can also set the system up so that it will not use time clock features for owners, by clicking the No Clock In For Owners check box and saving the settings.

Employee Setup for more information.

Payroll Setup
Employee Setup
Happy Hour Setup:
Happy hour setup allows you to control auto pricing of items during happy hour times. Just set the day and time you would like to have the menu items auto discounted and check enabled under each day.

Happy Hour Setup
Server Mode Setup:
This allows you to control how the POS works when in server mode. A station can be put into Server Mode from the Station Settings area. You can have the screen autolock at a certain time. Once autolocked the system will launch your Windows Screen Saver. You can change the screen saver from the Windows Display control panel.

This area also allows you to auto route items that are ordered on a Server Mode station. You will also need to setup Additional Printers on each Server Mode station.

Server Mode Setup
Report Setup:
Report setup allows you to control several items that appear on incident, closing, and opening reports. This will allow you to make those reports more accurate to your bar, club, or restaurant location.

You can set Areas which are areas within your establishment, change weather conditions for you geographical location, and change the No ID reasons that pop up when a tab is started without scanning a card. The No ID prompt can be turned off from the Main Setup area.

Report Setup
Payment Setup:
Payment Setup allows you to select the form of payments PointOS will accept. You can choose to take personal checks. You can also enter your Cayan credit card/gift processing information here, and set the kinds of cards you accept. Additionally, you can set the system to auto batch credit card sales each day, and add Automatic Gratuity on all checks based on the number of guests.

Payment Setup for more information.

Payment Setup
Discount Setup:
Use discount setup to put up to 7 preset discounts into your system. You can define the name and percent off. Use this to for spills, comps, employees, and good customer discounts. Just type the discount name and percent into the boxes. Percent discounts over 100% are not allowed.

Discount Setup
Taxes Setup:
Taxes setup allows you to set several different types of taxes that are on items you sell. Some areas tax different items at different rates. You can set these items to include the price or have them as an add on. Included taxes do not show up on a customer’s tab.

Taxes Setup
Customer Notices Setup:
You can setup notices to let your staff know when a customer has reached a sales milestone, customer anniversary, or birthday. Also, you can have an email sent to customers automatically on their birthday. To edit the birthday email, just make your changes and click the save button. Once setup birthday emails will be sent at 6am every morning.

Birthday emails require that you setup email.
Email Setup for more information.

Notices Setup
Music Setup:
Music setup controls how music is played, requested, and foun. BarOS integrates with Windows Media Player to allow you easy control over your music from within the Media Player environment.

When creating playlists in Windows Media Player, start all BarOS playlists with a plus sign + before each name (+Great Mix).

Music Setup for more information.

Music Setup
Room Setup:
You can layout the floor plan of your bar, club, or restaurant using room setup. This is used instead/addition to the tabs screen to give a visual representation of the table layout. Once setup you can start or edit a tab, simply by clicking on the table in the Orders screen.

To create a room, just click on the Create Room button. This room must have a unique name, and there is a maximum number of 5 visible rooms. To edit a room name, just click on the room name on the left and then type a new name in the name box. The rooms will appear on the Orders screen from left to right, so moving up a room will move it to the left. Moving it down the list will move it to the right.

To create tables in a room, click the Edit Room button after selecting a room. Choose the shape, size, and orientation of a table and then use either the mouse or move arrows to move it around your room. You can also change the room name, by selecting a table, typing a new name, and updating the room name Click the Save button to save your room.

Room Setup

Table Builder
Delivery Setup:
You can setup PointOS Professional to take Delivery Orders. To do this you'll want to Enable Delivery Mode from the right hand side. This will add a Devliery area to your main menu screen.

Additionally, you will want to setup one computer with a phone line to capture the caller id from your customers. First, you will need to plug a phone line into that computer's fax/modem port. If your computer does not have a phone port, you can purchase an external modem which can be hooked up by usb. Then you will select that phone device from the list of devices. You'll want to pick a device that says that it has Caller ID capablities. Next, select that device by clicking the 'Select Device' Button. Finally, check the Enable Caller ID From This Computer checkbox and click the Save button.

Note: You will not be able to enter delivery orders unless you have a phone line attached collecting Caller ID's.

Delivery Setup

Door Manager Settings
When you have DoorMan connected to your database, you'll be able to access all the Door Manager settings from the Setup Menu.

In the Door Manager Settings you can set all the options on what your DoorMan client is responsible for doing. The available options are to collect cover charge, control membership, and id checking. You can setup 4 different levels of cover charge based on age from this settings panel.

Door Settings

Membership Setup
Membership Setup allows you to create several different membership levels, and associate a price and other features with this membership.

Membership Setup

Customer Data Setup
Customer Data Setup allows you to require certain fields when new customers are added. Additionally, you can specify 2 custom fields that will be available when adding a customer.

Customer Data