Using The Manager Dashboard
About The Dashboard:
The dashboard provides a quick look at what is going on with the system. It also provides fast access to some of the PointOS’s most used features. Think of it as the manager’s home base for all that’s going on with your bar, club, or restaurant.

Manager Dashboard
Recent Reports:
Recent reports gives you a quick way to view reports that have been submitted by your bartenders or servers. A server has the ability to let you know what has gone on during their shift with their closing report. This report includes information about inventory problems, damage or other information.

A server can also submit an incident report when something has occurred. This includes can include fights or medical issues. These reports are valuable for documenting issues and may be a vital tool if you ever end up in court.

Recent Reports
PointOS allows the manager to create weekly reports for employee scheduling and also for entertainment. This area will remind you if a weekly report has not been made for one of these two areas. Additionally, you will be notified here if an employee has submitted a schedule request.

Credit Card Batch:
You can view the results of the last credit card batch. This can only be seen if you are using PointOS for credit card batches and not Cayan. The result of the batch attempt can be seen here. Additionally you can perform a one click manual batch from this area.

This area will let you know if there are any connection problems to Cayan.

Credit Card Batch
Current Closed Sales:
This gives you a live snapshot of your current sales from the day start time and the current time. The day start time is in the Main Setup. Open orders and voids do not appear in this area. Press the Refresh button to update this information.

Closed Sales
System Statistics:
This area shows you several valuable pieces of information including if there are drawers cashed in, stations connected, total customers, and total songs in the system. Click the Refresh button to update these statistics.

To compact or backup a database, all stations must be disconnected from the database. Click the Disconnect Stations button to be able to perform these functions. If may take up to one minute to disconnect all stations.

This area gives you information about your database. You can view the database name, size, and when it was compacted and backed up. It is recommended that you backup and compact your database at least once a week. You can also set this to be done automatically in the Database Setup.

If your system is running slow, you can speed it up by compacting the database.

Credit Card Refund:
This area allows you to issue a refund to a customer's credit card. The refund won't be available until you batch your credit cards.

This option is only available if you have credit cards enabled on your system.

CC Refund
Station Activities:
The Station Settings button gives you access to settings that are specific to just that one station. These include credit card setup, station name, and the server or cash drawer mode for that station.

Getting Started for more information.

The Setup Additional Printers button allows you to setup other printers. This is necessary if you want to send order tickets to a service bar or a kitchen.

The Delete Pay Out button allows you to delete a pay out made on that station only. You can only delete pay outs made on a cashed in drawer. To delete pay outs from drawers that are all ready closed used the Maintain Payouts area in Activities.

The Revert Cashier Out button allows you to cash out the last cash drawer cashed out on that station. The drawer must also be from the same day.

The Receive Physical Inventory button allows touch screen access to control your inventory. This is designed to be used from a touch screen and can be used when inventory comes in without having to enter items in the office, or when an item has been broken and needs to be removed from inventory. To enter items when you have access to a keyboard, it is recommended that you use the Inventory Count area in Inventory.

The Credit Card Refund button only appears if you have Cayan credit cards enabled on your system. Click on this button, to brind up the credit card refund form.

Press the Return To PointOS button when done in the Manager Dashboard.

Station Activities