Getting Started
Database Setup:
When running PointOS Professional for the first time you will be prompted to select or create a database. The Demo version includes a sample database to allow you to try out the software. You can select this database or choose to create a new one.

PointOS uses Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 and all databases are stored on a central computer. To select a database, click the Choose Database button, highlight the database computer from the 1st drop down and then select the database name. To create a new databse from scratch, click the New Database button.

Select Database
Choose Database:
To select a database running on your network, just choose the computer name from the drop down box. If there are no names there just press the Refresh button. Then choose the database name to which you would like to make a connection. You can test the connection with the Test Connection button.

If the computer name does not appear on the list, and you have rebooted all network computers, you'll want to check a few things.

Make sure all computers are on the same workgroup.
Click Wired Network for more information.
Click Wireless Network for more information.

Make Sure File Sharing is enabled on the dateabase computer and that all stations can access the PointOS Database folder with Read/Write Access.
Click User Accounts for more information.

Make sure you are not running any antivirus programs that would block your computers from seeing SQL Server on the shared database computer.

Choose Database
Station Name and Printer Setup:
After the database selection prompt you will be asked for a Station Name and Printer information. The station name must be unique on the network, but can be anything you like.

Select the printer that matches your attached receipt printer, if your printer is not on the list, just choose Generic. If you have no printer attached select No Printer. You can always add one later. If you choose the incorrect printer driver or generic driver, you maybe unable to pop an attached cash drawer.

If your printer is not on the list and the generic driver does not work, you can try other drivers by the same manufacturer or contact us at and we can help you find a compatible driver.

Printer Setup for more information.

Station Name
Printer Setup
If you select New Database you will be prompted to name and save your database. It should be saved in the shared database folder.

Serial Number:
You will then be asked for a serial number or to run in Demo Mode. If you have purchased PointOS Professional enter your company name and serial number here, exactly as it appears in your receipt email, if you have received it yet.

If you are trying the software then select Demo Mode. You will have full use of the software for 30 days.

Enter Serial Number
Main Setup Options:
If you are using a database for the first time, you will automatically be brought to the Main Setup Screen. On this screen enter all of your company information. You can also add a footer for all printed sales receipts, choose a main screen graphic (740 x 240 jpg format), and choose a background color. Additional options include choosing standard or metric measurements and a day start time, both are used for reporting and inventory control.

The day start time should be set to a time when your bar, club, or restaurant is not operating. This should be a breaking point between operating days.

Once completed click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Main Setup
Recommended Hardware:
Touch Screen Monitor
Receipt Printer
MMF Cash Drawer
Magnetic Strip Reader

This hardware can be purchased from many places online or directly from us.

Optional Hardware:
Scan Shell ID Scanner

Station Settings:
In station settings you pick all of the settings specific to just one station. You can pick your receipt printer model and name from the list, and specify if it has an autocutter.

Printer Setup for more information.

You can specify the auto print timer. This is how long the change due screen will stay on before a customer's check is automatically printed. You can also change the print width of the receipt check. This is a fine tuning to make sure that your printer prints the entire width of the paper. You can try several different numbers to get the best printing.

You can use the Test Printer feature, to make sure your receipt printer is setup correctly and that it will pop a cash drawer and autocut.

To use credit cards on a station, you must first set them up in credit card setup. Once setup you must enable Cayan by clicking the Cards On This Station box.

See Credit Card Setup for more information.

Finally, there are three checkboxes at the bottom. The first No Tabs Screen (Stay in Order Entry) will bypass the tabs screen. This is when you are only doing fast orders, and not running any tabs at all. Second, you can put the station into multi-server mode (No Cash Drawer). Multi-server mode will allow many different servers to use the same station. However, there will be no cash drawer so they will all have to keep their own banks. Third, if you are using an ID scanner you must check the ID Scanner Connected box.