Bar Sales Reports - Point of Sale System

As a bar manager, a great conflict is finding the time to create detailed and accurate sales reports. The key is organization and attention to detail. Thankfully, our PointOS point of sale system can produce sales reports to record and organize all these details for you.

The Reports and Sales Reports menus offer an in-depth view of different activities within the PointOS point of sale system. The screens for each report have similar options and the steps for generating, exporting, or printing the reports are the same. Report options are expansive and easy to see under the "Report Options" tab. For extensive detail, all you have to do is click the "Show Report Detail" box. You can generate reports, export reports into a Microsoft Excel file format, print, and even email the reports.

The report descriptions can include your current inventory, your inventory items that have been used since a selected time period, it can give you a log of recorded changes to the inventory from the Manager's area, you can compare item prices and costs, a suggested item purchase roster (broken down by vendors), and gives you a conclusive closing report. Employee reports, incident reports, and day-to-day conditions are also possible, giving the manager or owner a full comprehensive list of what's happened in case he wasn't able to visit the bar on a certain day.

With our detailed reports managing a bar has never been easier. We offer options and features other restaurant operating systems lack, and we offer them because we know that every user deserves a reliable, easy, and fulfilling product. Download the free trial today and learn just how our system can further your bar-owning experience.