Point of Sale Print-to-Kitchen Feature

With the right settings, you can make orders and receipts print at a certain server or kitchen stations. This creates a direct communication between the consumer, the server, and the kitchen staff and further emphasizes the kind of comfortable and professional service great bars and restaurants are known for. Printing is possible on many screens and can be easily done while managing a current order, making it a breeze for servers to use. After the initial server station printer install, you can install alternate printer stations directly from the menu. Doing so loads up the Manager's Dashboard, and you can customize the settings for five additional printers.

A unique detail about kitchen receipts is the "course separator" function meant specifically for cooks and chefs dealing with food preparation. This is optional, but this extra level of detail means that the cooks and chefs won't have to worry about needless details like price but rather they get to see the parts of a meal the customer has ordered. Appetizers, entrees, desserts, and other categories can be created to define the customer's experience and create priorities for your employees. Your customers will never see this option, but you and your cooks will love it.

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