Point of Sale Inventory Reports

Inventory is a specific concern for any bar or restaurant owner. The products offered are one of the primary reasons your customers visit, and an eye must always be watching the inventory that comes in and out of the bar or restaurant. The inventory reports in our PointOS Point of Sale system provide a comprehensive overview of your inventory which is perfect for any detail-oriented manager.

Our inventory reports offer many different options. You can import and export inventories, keep stock of physical inventory, and have an accurate record of what has been purchased or removed from the inventory at any given time period. You can sort the list by vendor, type, group, and/or location.

A nice feature included is one that keeps track of when certain products are running low and in need of a re-order. If you establish certain relationships with distributors or vendors, all that's required is the press of a button to send a new shipment right to your location. An analyzed product cost/price record is kept as are an items purchased report.

The ease of record keeping and integrated inventory ordering creates a wonderfully intuitive inventory system for any bar or restaurant owner. Half the hassle is removed; just tap and you're already there. You can see for yourself by trying out our 30-day free trial demo today.