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Highly Affordable

  • PointOS Point of Sale is one of the most affordable fully-featured point-of-sale solution on the market today. With a restriction free, fully comprehensive demo, we allow the consumer to decide if the features provided are a reasonable price. We offer all the features of the expensive software, but we charge just a fraction of the price. PointOS Point of Sale is a fully-featured operating system with half the price of its competitors and entirely designed with the hospitality industry in mind. All levels of PointOS Point of Sale come standard with ALL features.

    Price levels are determined based on the number of computer stations that will be connected to the database at one time. Once installed on a station, there is no limit to the number of servers that can be cashed in. Additional stations can be purchased initially or added later as your business grows. Our competitors don't have nearly as many features suited specifically for the hospitality industry. No demos, no ID age verification, integrated music and other features are ignored by our competitors in favor of...What? Additional fees and service charges.

    PointOS Point of Sale is the industry leader in providing the consumer with an easy, reliable, and inexpensive POS system. PointOS has an support fee starting as low as $219/year or 19$/month. This gives you phone, email, and remote support access to 24/7 US based support and free updates. In addition, we offer an optional +Cloud service feature. This optional add-on gives you access to reports and remote backup through Compare our price, features and value with our competitors and see for yourself.