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Flexible Hardware

  • PointOS Point of Sale runs on any Microsoft Windows system, including 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It's compatible with all industry standard accessories and peripherals. Accessories and peripherals can be found directly on our site. We offer software-only packages, bundles (including "All-In-One Stations"), standard accessories like receipt printers and card processors, and highly affordable service plans. That being said, PointOS Point of Sale does NOT need any additional software! All you need is the main program to get up and running. You do NOT need a network setup unless you're running multiple systems! You do NOT need to be online (but you will have to have some sort of Internet connection for credit card functionality or access to myPointOS features). The music function requires Windows Media Player, but that is available for FREE from Microsoft. Other optional hardware packages include wall mounts, part replacements, tablet solutions, bar code scanner, ID scanner, kitchen printer buzzer, and a cost effective USB/Serial thermal receipt printer.

    PointOS Point of Sale will export files to Excel format. You will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on the computer you are using to export. Auto-emailing sales reports can also be an Excel attachment. All financial data can be exported to Quickbooks©, including sales, payments, payouts, refunds, and all money in and out of POS. To do this option, you will need Quickbooks. PointOS Point of Sale works with all versions of Quickbooks except Quickbooks POS, 2016, and 2017.

    Also featured: myPointOS! MyPointOS is your online gateway to the PointOS Point of Sale desktop software. Once registered, you'll be able to update your personal information, see your serial numbers, and access other features included with the PointOS Point of Sale desktop. It is where you will have access to all the optional +Cloud features offered. This includes remote reporting, online backup, mobile device activation, and remote desktop management. Is your computer too slow or old to run PointOS Point of Sale? That's fine, you can download our Classic Version of PointOS. It runs faster on older systems at the cost of lacking some additional features. There will be no more updates to the Classic Version.

    You can purchase PointOS Point of Sale as software-only, or pair it with one of our recommended, cost-effective hardware packages. The 30-day full working version free trial allows you to keep data if you should decide to purchase the full working version.