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No Costly Installation

  • PointOS Point of Sale is designed for fast and easy setup, and is no harder to install than Microsoft Office. We provide many tools to help with setup including a Setup Wizard, Excel menu and inventory item importing, and instructional videos. If you're still stuck during installation, you can call us any time. We're with you every step of the way.

    The Manager's Manual (linked at the bottom of this) provides clear, informative, and easy set-up instructions. Select your database, name your station, setup your printer, server install including typical manual options and employee records, and you're ready to go.

    When you begin the installation process, the system begins the PointOS Point of Sale InstallAware Wizard. There are convenient on screen prompts that allow to you to install PointOS Point of Sale with few problems. There is a specific computer station that serves as a Client AND a Server Station. Other than that specific station, every station is Client only. From there, registration is simply about finding and testing a database (you can restore backup databases here as well) for Server Stations, and choosing the right database for your Client Stations. You can create entirely new databases and name your stations from this menu as well.

    The Main Setup screen is simple: you fill out your information (company name, street address, etc.) and choose settings and graphics for your operating system to use. This is where you personalize and decide what features are best for you and your employees. Provide employee information and other information to help you organize and you're ready to use PointOS Point of Sale, just like that!

    See, The Install Wizard does all the work for you. Remember, we've designed the system to be convenient and easy to use for the average business owner, we know how difficult it is and we want the industry to better serve your needs. Our instructional videos, free demo, importing features, and everything else are also easily accessible on this site. We recommend you try the demo and find out how easy it is for yourself.

    Are you too busy to try to use the demo on your own? It's all right, we understand. You can also schedule a demo, where you can have a hands-on experience at a day and a time that works for you. All you need is a couple minutes and a web browser and you can have a one-on-one learning session to better understand all that PointOS Point of Sale has to offer.