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  • Our company was started by passionate bar and restaurant people, not a large, monolithic software company. Because we know the specific challenges that bars, clubs, and restaurants face today, we designed PointOS Point of Sale software to be a welcome relief for owners, managers, and staff. The hospitality industry thrives on an efficient and sociable crew that encourages customers to return for multiple visits. PointOS Point of Sale not only makes day-to-day bar managing easier, but it also can strengthen the bond between customer and staff. Personal profiles for each customer allows the servers to put a name to common faces, record tabs and common tables, and even have pre-set music set for them when they open a tab. PointOS Point of Sale supports mp3, wav, and wma formats. Upload your songs from your iPod and enjoy a custom jukebox! The music feature of PointOS Point of Sale is a unique and exciting side feature, and the ability to associate a customer's favorite song with your own business can make them feel right at home. You can control the entire playlist setup, including volume, with just a few clicks. All of it is done in Windows Media Player, meaning if WMP supports it, it can play!

    Also included in the jukebox feature are multi-screen playlists and song requests. There's also an age identification feature means PointOS Point of Sale can read ID's from customers, remember them, and tell you if they're below or above the legal drinking age every time they visit.PointOS Point of Sale is a system designed for hospitality and convenience first. Complexity slows everything down, yet simplicity can feel too restricting. We found the right compromise, offering limitless features in an easy to understand interface. Customer newsletters and integrated social networking allows you to get even closer to your customers in an immediate and automatic fashion. If all the automatic processes are a problem for the detail-minded user, never fear!

    PointOS Point of Sale has manual versions of every process so, if desired, you can see every specific bit of information. For manager functions, PointOS Point of Sale has you covered. PointOS Point of Sale keeps an accurate logged inventory setup that can save everyone much needed time. UPC barcode scanning and kitchen printing are available. A PointOS network can server/cash accountability and specific server stations. An integrated time card system, categorized payment system, and Payroll reports means all the difficulties of managing are made easier for your own convenience.

    What does this all mean? This means that the features provided in the PointOS Point of Sale operating system have been carefully chosen to further your customer's experience, make your work easier, and ultimate establish a successful system for your business to work with. Also featured, no purchase needed, is our new blog. This new blog gives insight into the bar and restaurant business, answering some frequently asked questions and delivering useful content on a constant basis.

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