Point of Sale - Delivery Management System

PointOS Point of Sale strives to accommodate bar or restaurant managers by any means possible with the robust features of our point of sale system. A unique and useful feature specifically for restaurant and bar managers is the delivery order function. When you make an order, you can be specific about how it's prepared and to what customer, but you can also designate the type of order. The delivery order system can easily be set up, and all features the typical order information offers can be offered here as well, this includes customer-specific discounts and specific combos.

This type of order is specifically designated with a special icon, and can also be clarified in reports. With the right set-up, PointOS Point of Sale can even provide Google Maps driving directions for your employees through the PointOS Point of Sale interface or even print out turn-by-turn directions.

The Delivery Center screen allows your employees to view and update customer and order profiles. These can actually be recognized by Caller ID, making the process even easier.

What all this means is that PointOS Point of Sale is dedicated to the details. We're dedicated to making the bar experience easier in all possible ways, and this means a more efficient way to organize your business than ever before. This opens up new opportunities as a business manager, and this means a better experience for your customers and a better chance for success. Try the free trial today and see for yourself.