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Simple Credit Cards

  • With PointOS Point of Sale, credit cards are easy. We work great with terminals, or you can choose Cayan or Vantiv for a straight, out-of-the-box, fully integrated solution for payment processing. Our strong partnership ensures you get the lowest rates, plus online reporting, fast automatic deposits, and customer gift cards.

    Getting a point of sale merchant account is simple.

    For Cayan/Merchant Warehouse, you can either click here or contact them by phone at (800) 498-0823.

    For Vantiv/Mercury Payment Systems, you can either click here or contact them by phone at (800) 846-4472.

    If you currently have a merchant account, both of these companies will usually match or beat your current rates.

    You can use your own credit card terminal. However, there are many integrated credit card features that you will not be able to take advantage of using. For example, pre-authorizations, terminal reporting, gift cards and auto-batching are only available through Cayan/Merchant Warehouse and Vantiv/Mercury. Additionally, you will have to run each transaction on your terminal, and then enter a transaction ID and card type into PointOS Point of Sale manually. This is why we have developed a strong partnership, this allows everyone to have an easier time processing orders and finishing transactions. With this, credit cards are made simple. We encourage you to take advantage of our integrated features.

    Other features are offered, of course. Such as manual batching credit cards and refunding transactions. There is an entire Cayan/Merchant Warehouse or Vantiv/Mercury sign in page on the PointOS Point of Sale system itself, allowing you to completely manage your account and process transactions. In this page, however, the transactions will NOT be recorded by PointOS Point of Sale.