Get answers to frequent questions...

  1. Are there any restrictions on the point of sale demo version?

    No, the demo is a full working version of PointOS Professional. However, it will only run on one computer at a time.

  2. How long is the free trial?

    The free trial is 30 days, after that you will have to purchase PointOS to continue using it.

  3. Will I lose my data once I purchase?

    Once purchased you will not lose any data from your point of sale software demo period.

  4. What is your return policy on software?

    Computers, tablets, printers, or other hardware may be returned within 14 days of the original purchase date. Any opened packages are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns must be in a "new" resalable condition, including all manuals, components and accessories, and in the manufacturer's original packaging.

    Due to the nature of digital goods, software is not returnable under any condition including perceived lack of features or unknown bugs. We encourage all buyers to use our 30 free trial period.

  5. On the demo what is the default password?

    The default password is 1111. This should be changed, for security reasons, when you setup your own database.

  6. Do I need any special hardware?

    No, to use PointOS all you need is a computer, monitor and mouse. However, PointOS is specifically designed to work with any touchscreen monitor, cash drawer, credit card swiper and receipt printer. However, our software runs off Windows OS and must be at least Windows 7 or newer.

    If you choose to use Vantiv and want to use an EMV chip reader that would have to be purchased separately.

  7. Do I need any additional software?

    No, PointOS contains all you need to get up and running. We do not provide a light version of our software. For example charging extra for add-on's like inventory tracking or recipe building. PointOS software includes front of the house as well as management reports with 24/7 tech support and our cloud.

  8. How does pricing work?

    All levels of PointOS come standard with ALL features. Price levels are determined based on the number of computer stations that will be connected to the database at one time. Once installed on a station, there is no limit to the number of servers that can be cashed in. Additional stations can be purchased initially or added later as your business grows.

  9. What is the cost for support?

    No additional cost is included for support. The main server license is $39.00 per month which includes software, cloud upgrades of our software and 24/7 technical support. Each additional license includes 24/7 support cloud and upgrades as well for $29.99.

  10. What is myPointOS?

    myPointOS is your online gateway to the PointOS desktop software. Once registered, you'll be able to update your personal information, see your serial numbers and access other features included with the PointOS desktop.

    myPointOS is also where you will be able to have access to all the optional +Cloud features that we offer. These include online backup, remote reporting, mobile device activation, and remote desktop management. myPointOS is available at

  11. Can I resell or re-license my purchased software to another party?

    All software is registered only to the company that originally purchased it, and unless you are a registered reseller, PointOS may not be re-sold or re-licensed to any other party.

  12. Do I need to have a network?

    No, to use PointOS on just one computer you do not need to have a network setup. However, if you are running multiple stations you will need to have them connected either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable based system.

  13. Do I need to be online?

    No, you do not need to be online to use PointOS. However, if you are using the credit card functionality, you will need some sort of Internet connection. This connection can be anything at all including a dial-up modem.

    However, ideally your station should be online to download the PointOS installer and get updates.

  14. Do I have to use your credit card processor?

    Yes, in order to keep our software easy to use we have opted to go with your option of two payment processors with seamless integration called Vantiv or Cayan.

    We have found that their rates are better than anything out there. Additionally, by doing a direct integration with Vantiv or Cayan, credit card transactions take less than a second.

    Vantiv allows us to offer unique POS features and functionality. You can tie your rewards accounts to customers credit cards to earn points automatically when they pay with their cards. So anytime a card is swiped the system collects and stores data about that customer. Over time you'll build a detailed customer database allowing you to see which customers visit most frequently and who spends the most at you place of business.

  15. How do I get a merchant account?

    Getting a merchant account is simple. We are partnered with Vantiv Integrated Payment and Cayan. If you currently have a merchant account, they will match or beat your current rates!

    To learn more about getting a specific rate or merchant account please contact you current sales rep or contact sales at 888.502.5374 ext 1. Or you can contact Vantiv or Cayan directly below.

    Michele Hevey
    T: 970-335-5238

    Adam Wheeler
    T: 617-896-5590

  16. I already have an existing credit card processor, what do I do?

    If you are thinking about switching to Merchant Warehouse or Mercury, we suggest you show them a copy of your current rates and ask them to beat or at least match them. Signing up is free, there is no contract, and they are both excellent companies to work with for processing.

    They will not charge you for any setup, and you will not be locked into any contract that you'll have to buy your way out of if you are unhappy.

    To receive more information on either processor click here.

  17. Can I use my own credit card terminal?

    Yes, you can use your own credit card terminal. However, there are many integrated credit card features that you will not be able to take advantage of using. For example, pre-authorizations, terminal reporting, gift cards and auto-batching are only available through Merchant Warehouse and Mercury. Additionally, you will have to run each transaction on your terminal, and then enter a transaction id and card type into PointOS manually.

  18. Does PointOS support gift cards?

    Yes, through integrated processing with Vantiv and Cayan, you will be able to sell and redeem gift cards. You can even do this across multiple locations.

  19. What Operating Systems does PointOS run on?

    PointOS Professional runs on all versions of Windows 7+. Due to Windows XP End-Of-Life, we do not recommend creating new systems with this operating system.

  20. What happens if one of my terminals breaks?

    We have two different types of terminals. We have commercial grade touch dynamic terminals specifically built for the hospitality industry that carry a 3 year parts and labor warranty. We also offer additional warranty packages for extended coverage. We also provide Surface tablets that can be mobile or stationary tablets that come with a 3 year warranty. If your tablet breaks, you can go to any Microsoft store in you area and swap out the broken tablet with a new one the same day.

  21. Do I need Microsoft Excel?

    PointOS Professional will export files to Excel format. To do this you will need Microsoft Excel installed on the computer that you are using export. This is also necessary if auto-emailing sales reports as an Excel attachment.

  22. Does PointOS integrate with QuickBooks©

    PointOS does integrate with QuickBooks© but must be the desktop version of QuickBooks© 2016.

  23. Does PointOS Professional have International support?

    At this time PointOS Support only can support in English. However, it does support International dates and currency. Additionally, PointOS supports credit card transactions within the United States and Canada.

  24. Do I need to install the Server on all cash register stations?

    No, the server portion of PointOS only needs to be installed on one computer on the network. You can install the server on any machine, however when sharing data you'll want all the stations to point to one computer designated as the database server. This can be selected on start up. Just select the computer and database name, from the choose database screen. Although the database server portion can be run from any computer on the network, it is recommended that you run it from a backoffice computer and not a waitstaff workstation.

  25. I have multiple stations, how should I setup my network?

    To setup a Windows network to be able to share a PointOS database, you want to do a few things. First, make sure all computers are on the same workgroup. Second, setup all the computers with the same login name and password and make sure those accounts have administrative rights. Third, make sure you are not running any antivirus programs that would block your computers from seeing SQL Server on the shared database computer.