About Us

PointOS was founded by bar and restaurant people with one simple goal; to provide a full featured and easy to use point of sale software package to the hospitality industry at an affordable price.

How We Work

PointOS is unlike than any other product out there because we follow a standard Internet software sales model, and not the more traditional reseller model. Most other companies sell through a distributor, then a reseller, and finally a sales person. The software gets marked up on price at each level, and the extra cost is passed on to you.

Additionally, with easy to use as our number 1 rule, we reduce the cost of product support. 70% of our customers download a 30 day free trial, set it up and purchase all without any human intervention. This allows us to deliver an affordable product without the overhead of other companies.

Company Background

Founded by bar and restaurant veterans, we have spent several years developing and refining our product to be the best software on the market today. All of our executives and developers are from the hospitality industry, not some programming company in another country. We have used our vast experience and knowledge, and have created a product that exceeds the needs of your bar, club, and restaurant.

Our product was original launched as BarOS, and was set out to meet the needs of bars and clubs. We developed innovative solutions for this industry like age aware menus and integrated music. In late 2008, we changed the name to PointOS and added many restaurant specific features like table selection and delivery support.

Our software is largely built on the suggestions of our point of sale customers and our own servers and bartenders. And through the constant monitoring of this feedback, we are always adding new features that will fit the needs of our loyal customer base.

PointOS vs Others

There are basically two kinds of point of sale software packages on the market today. The first is the inexpensive kind. It is most often cheap because it lacks the feature set of the more expensive software, and unfortunately most businesses will find this software lacking in many ways. The second type is very expensive. These companies make their money on setup and support. They don't want their software easy for you to setup. They want you to call your local installer, who charges by the hour, to do simple things like add menu items. Point of sale software, is supposed to make you money, not put you in debt. We are proud to say that PointOS Professional is a unique third type of software package.

PointOS Professional is affordable, easy to use, and easy to setup. We offer the features of the expensive software, but we charge just a fraction of the price. Our company was started by Bar And Restaurant People, not large corporations or even software engineers. PointOS was born directly out of the need of the small to medium size bar, club, or restaurant, to have a point of sale that they could use and setup at a price they could afford.

Additionally, although we are located in Vero Beach Florida, we have the tools, if needed, to go on your system remotely and fix your setup issues. If you can get it online, we can get it running.

We invite you to compare our software's price and feature set to any other out there. We know that you'll find nothing else on the market like it.

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Press Release

Boston, MA - December 9, 2016

PointOS, a leading point-of-sale
software company is delighted
to announce new leadership.

Our new CEO, Dylan Penebre,
is perfectly positioned to
continue anchoring PointOS as a formidable force in the point-of-sale industry, leading an energetic team at the new Boston MA headquarters. In 2004, Penebre started as a key member of one of the first integrated payment organizations in the USA. In 2011, Penebre was brought on board by PointOS due to his unique point-of-sale experience and strong payment processing background. He successfully revamped operations and increased annual revenue fivefold in a few short years, propelling company innovation forward.

New PointOS leadership coincides with the upcoming 2017 launch of the new ‘PointOS XE’ software. PointOS XE is designed for both existing and new customers, after years of research and development attuned to the needs of our growing customer base. PointOS will expand upon its successful product offering, including both cloud & expanded desktop versions. PointOS continues to meet industry demand for EMV technology, PCI-compliance, 24/7 support and subscription pricing options. The goal is for customers to be able to flexibly upgrade software as their businesses grow, with the support of PointOS along the way.

CEO Dylan Penebre looks forward to strengthening new and existing relationships, as we usher in the New Year. We encourage you to contact us directly with any questions or comments,
at management@pointos.com.